NEMO Leg 3

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Cruise Report (28MB PDF)

ASCII Navigation file.

All files are on a remote jukebox and may take several minutes to load.
SHIFT-left-click on the files you want to download.
Mac users: OPTION-click on the binary SEG-Y file you want to download.

Seismic Reflection files:

JD139seismic.sgy (164MB)          JD141seismic.sgy (171MB)
JD144seismic.stack.sgy (33MB)          JD145seismic.sgy (84MB)
JD146seismicCOC.sgy (48MB)          JD146seismicPAN.sgy (51MB)
JD147seismicPAN.sgy (86MB)          JD147seismicPAN1trans.sgy (31MB)
JD148seismicPAN1trans.sgy (85MB)          JD148seismicPAN2.sgy (60MB)
JD150seismicCAR2.sgy (89MB)          JD151seismicCAR2.sgy (82MB)
JD152seismicCAR1.sgy (77MB)          JD152seismicCAR2.sgy (43MB)
JD153seismicCAR1.sgy (131MB)          JD154seismictrans.sgy (90MB)
JD155seismic.sgy (282MB)          JD156seismic.sgy (9MB)
JD157seismic.sgy (110MB)          JD158seismic.sgy (110MB)
JD159seismic.sgy (111MB)

Knudsen chirp files:

JD138chirp.sgy (315MB)          JD139chirp.sgy (628MB)
JD140chirp.sgy (451MB)          JD141chirp.sgy (557MB)
JD142chirp.sgy (353MB)          JD143chirp.sgy (311MB)
JD144chirp.sgy (404MB)          JD145chirp.sgy (299MB)
JD146chirp.sgy (628MB)          JD147chirp.sgy (335MB)
JD148chirp.sgy (283MB)          JD149chirp.sgy (166MB)
JD150chirp.sgy (546MB)          JD151chirp.sgy (401MB)
JD152chirp.sgy (554MB)          JD153chirp.sgy (563MB)
JD154chirp.sgy (404MB)          JD156chirp.sgy (247MB)
JD157chirp.sgy (533MB)          JD158chirp.sgy (482MB)
JD159chirp.sgy (473MB)
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