1997 Nathaniel B. Palmer Leg 2

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These files are on a remote jukebox and may take several minutes to load.
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SEG-Y shot files

tape01.segy (239MB)          tape02.segy (55MB)          tape03.segy (399MB)
tape04.segy (399MB)          tape05.segy (399MB)          tape06.segy (205MB)
nbp9702tape7.segy (280MB)          nbp9702tape8.segy (532MB)
nbp9702tape9.segy (1600MB)          nbp9702tape10.segy (210MB)
nbp9702tape11.segy (1600MB)          nbp9702tape12.segy (1600MB)
nbp9702tape13.segy (1600MB)          nbp9702tape14.segy (113MB)
nbp9702tape15.segy (303MB)          nbp9702tape16.segy (1517MB)
nbp9702tape17.segy (1596MB)          nbp9702tape18.segy (1229MB)
nbp9702tape19.segy (354MB)          nbp9702tape20.segy (414MB)
nbp9702tape21.segy (1595MB)          nbp9702tape22.segy (1596MB)
nbp9702tape23.segy (1596MB)          nbp9702tape24.segy (298MB)
nbp9702tape25.segy (598MB)          nbp9702tape26.segy (426MB)
nbp9702tape27.segy (1520MB)          nbp9702tape28.segy (1596MB)
nbp9702tape30.segy (636MB)
nbp9702tape31.segy (1596MB)          nbp9702tape32.segy (1455MB)
nbp9702tape33.segy (343MB)          nbp9702tape34.segy (1596MB)
nbp9702tape35.segy (1224MB)          nbp9702tape36.segy (16MB)
tape37.segy (133MB)          tape38.segy (809MB)          tape39.segy (809MB)
tape40.segy (809MB)          tape41.segy (701MB)          tape42.segy (136MB)
tape43.segy (809MB)          tape44.segy (809MB)          tape45.segy (809MB)
tape46.segy (809MB)          tape47.segy (809MB)          tape48.segy (788MB)

SEG-Y Migrated stack files

fdm.line5 (75MB)          fdm.line5a (44MB)          fdm.line6.1 (124MB)          fdm.line6.2 (128MB)

Final HP-RTL raster plot file

hpfil.lines5_6.1_6.2 (107MB)

SEG-Y stack files

stack.day067-1704z (35MB)          stack.day068-0000z (51MB)          stack.day068-1500z (44MB)
stack.day070-1044z (68MB)          stack.day071-0300z (58MB)          stack.day071-1530z (11MB)          stack.day072-1000z (22MB)


gather.day067-1705z    gather.day068-0000z    gather.day068-1500z    gather.day071-0300z    gather.day071-1531z    gather.day51-1003z
stack.line5        stack.line5a        stack.line6a        stack.line6b        stack.line6c        stack.line6d
fdm.line5        fdm.line5a        fdm.line6a        fdm.line6b        fdm.line6c        fdm.line6d

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