2005 Healy Leg 03

hly0503 nav pic
Navigation embedded in SEG-Y trace headers.
(Not available)

All files are on a remote jukebox and may take several minutes to load.

Mac users: OPTION-left-click on the binary SEG-Y file you want to download.
PC users: SHIFT-left-click on the binary SEG-Y file you want to download.


MCS files

Healy0501.segy          Healy0502.segy          Healy0503.segy          Healy0504.segy          Healy0505.segy
Healy0506.segy          Healy0507.segy          Healy0508.segy          Healy0509.segy          Healy0510.segy
Healy0511.segy          Healy0512.segy          Healy0513.segy          Healy0514.segy          Healy0515.segy
Healy0516.segy          Healy0517.segy          Healy0518.segy          Healy0519.segy          Healy0520.segy
Healy0521.segy          Healy0522.segy          Healy0523.segy          Healy0524.segy          Healy0525.segy
Healy0526.segy          Healy0527.segy          Healy0528.segy          Healy0529.segy          Healy0530.segy
Healy0531.segy          Healy0532.segy          Healy0533.segy          Healy0534.segy          Healy0535.segy
Healy0536.segy          Healy0537.segy          Healy0538.segy          Healy0539.segy          Healy0540.segy
Healy0541.segy          Healy0542.segy          Healy0543.segy          Healy0544.segy          Healy0545.segy

Sub-bottom echosounder files

Envelope files
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